official blog of marquis montgomery: complete with notes, rants, reviews, tips, and tricks.

me in a nutshell:

mastermind . prodigy . blogger . web designer . programmer . internet fanatic . security professional . apple fanatic . dj . brother . RA


Name: Marquis Montgomery

Location: Alpharetta, GA

What I do:

  • Security Consultant, Splunk
  • Alumni @ Kennesaw State University, BS Information Security & Assurance
  • Former FRS @ Apple
  • President, Digital Consulting @ Silent Objective Consulting, LLC

What I like:

basically any kind of modern technology. I’m a huge Apple fan, but I’m also really in to the internet and programming (ruby is my language of choice, but I am familiar with many others). When I go out into the sun, I’m an avid roller skater, and I’m also in to cooking. I also spent some time DJing professionally, so I’d have to throw music into the mix as well.