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Have you thought about how secure your password is?

Raise your hand if you use the same password for everything. Now, raise you hand if you know your password is not secure (one-word and some numbers or something like that.)

You may not care about this, but if I told you that I could break into your accounts with minimal effort would that make a difference? If it does, maybe you should give some thought to using better passwords for your stuff, and (gasp.) using a different password for every website. I know, thats a major pain, but I’ve come across a really interesting and free tool called LastPass that will help you get this accomplished. Far as I can tell, its incredibly secure too, safe enough to put all your passwords and credit card information in.

Now me, being a very technical guy, needed actual proof. A security expert by the name of Steve Gibson did a very good security analysis of LastPass, detailing exactly how it works. If you’d like to hear it, you can listen to the relevant episode of his podcast ‘Security Now’ at

You can read more about LastPass and download it for your platform and devices at

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